BVB ECNL 2011 Boys

BVB ECNL 2011 Boys are based at the BVB International Academy Training Grounds in Carrolton, Texas. Coached by Ricardo "Ricky" Blanchard since 2016, the team is proudly part of the International Academy of Borussia Dortmund (BVB), one of the world's top clubs, based in Dortmund Germany.
About Coach Ricky Blanchard
Ricardo “Ricky” Blanchard is a St. Lucian National Team football player who spent most of his professional career in the USISL A-League. After he played in Portugal in 1994, Blanchard played with the New Orleans Riverboat Gamblers, Long Island Rough Riders, and Connecticut Wolves through through 2005. Today, Coach Ricky holds the position of Academy Director with BVB in north Texas and has been with the club for over a decade. He holds a USSF-B license, and has coached ECNL/ECRL for 3 years including a Nationals appearance with the 2004/2005 boys.