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#1 CHART TOPPING INDEPENDENT FREEDOM FIGHTING ARTIST & ADVOCATE! Over 3,000 live shows for millions of fans; concerts, music & videos have reached hundreds of millions via FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, C-SPAN, MTV, VH1, Social Media & more! Also, Ghost Writer/Producer for a production company catering to the biggest artists in POP/R&B history! And PRIMETIME FM RADIO HOST with her own show VOICES FOR CHANGE - A HUMAN RIGHTS RADIO SHOW

Jierra is a Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Radio Host and Human Rights Advocate!

JIERRA is no stranger to the world of music! She has been an Artist her whole life. Since childhood, she has performed nearly 3,000 live shows for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. She has also done performances and projects with and for such legendary artists as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Placido Domingo, Josh Groban, Chaka Khan, George Lucas, Phil Collins, Harrison Ford, David Campbell, Doug E Fresh, Diego Verdaguer, Amanda Miguel, and this list goes on. As a songwriter and producer, she was mentored by and working alongside legendary production groups that were cultivating music for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britany Spears, Lady Gaga and so on. Her own music and videos have reached millions of fans in countries all over the world through television and internet stations such as FOX, NBC, CBS, MTV and VHI along with thousands of the largest hotel and club chains streaming her videos including the Venetian, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and more.

For most of her life Jierra worked amongst the most elite within the Mainstream Music Industry, but after becoming aware of how deep certain globalist agendas and funding had permeated the Entertainment Industry, in January 2022 she left Hollywood forever to dedicate herself to the Fight for Freedom. In less than one year she released 6 new singles for the first time as a 100% independent artist. The first three, “Mighty Storm”, “Freedom” and “Raise My Voice” debuted on The Marine Rapper’s album Culture War Two in January 2022 which hit #2 on the Charts. The fourth song, “Enough is Enough” was released in February 2022 on Topher’s album 222 which went to #1 on the charts. This is legendary for 100% independent artists will no record label funding behind them. She  then released her 1st Solo Independent singles, FRINGE MINORITY, THE BEST IS YET TO COME, BATTLE CRY & ONE NATION UNDER GOD which are global anthems for people all over the world!

Throughout these releases she took to many stages to perform for and support Freedom Fighting organizations all over the country including: An organization fighting racial injustices called Blexit with Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Larry Elder etc., The Medical Freedom Tour to advocate for people’s medical rights with Dr. McCullough, Dr. Kory, Dr. Cole, Dr. Northrup, Dr. Madej, etc.; She opened for the Presidential Section of the free speech media network TPUSA Student Action Summit; She did several events for America First Policy Institute which champions human rights based legislation with former White House Cabinet Members, Brooke Rollins, Kellyanne Conway, Pam Bondi, Carla Sands, Dr. Alveda King and many more; worked alongside House and Senate Reps as well as media and business giants to educate and safeguard human rights at a Federal level with Conservative Partnership Institute; She recently performed for the prestigious Red Cross Ball with 40 Ambassadors and even performed at Mar-a-lago with America First Policy Institute and President Trump once again, and is about to open for the President a 3rd time at the Road To Majority event in Washington DC with the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

She also had the honor of hosting VOICES FOR CHANGE throughout 2022, a Human Rights Primetime FM Radio show which aired throughout Florida and NY. Here she had the honor of interviewing many of the biggest heroes in the Freedom Movement with the purpose of informing the public on important topics, while inspiring and empowering them to take action for their Human Rights.

On top of this she contributes her voice and time to many charitable organizations and activities. In the last few years alone, she has helped raise almost $100,000,000 for many important causes and has been “Boots On The Ground” for important activities including immediate ground work in the most devastated areas of Fort Myers after Hurricane Ian, where she helped procure and deliver 10,000 pairs of shoes and other essential items to those in need.

Jierra truly believes that “A Better World” is the best legacy one can leave behind, and she will continue helping and fighting for our Basic Human Rights.