The Knightheart
Who Am I?
Jelani Maliik is a Recording Artist, Performer, and Empath - Born in the Motor City - Made in the Glass City - Knightheart's affinity for making music and art comes from the human need for self exploration, expression and healing. Coming from extreme situations - Knightheart found his genuine and most authentic outlet through poetry, gradually evolving that talent into rapping - often referred to as a local prodigy in his hometown, as he is one of the youngest, and hungriest artists around. Lani tries his best to embody truth, reality, spirituality, and abstract thinking within his Alternative Hiphop. Knightheart's sound is diverse & expansive. Fluid like Water. His life mottos are "Trust the Process" and "Good Vibes Only" Knightheart currently has dropped 3 official solo projects - "Outside the Box" (2019), "Dreamboy the Prequel" (2020) & "Oblivion" (2021) - all have received much acclaim & support amongst fans. He is currently launching a bi-weekly music drop series called "#FridayKnightz" - which is a collaborative effort to expand and network with new artists, musicians, graphic designers, & producers! Crafting rhymes, writing stories, and spreading a message. A wordsmith and artist. -POSITIVITY-
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Knightheart - Phone Ring (Music Video)