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The Run Down
Born and raised in Kamloops BC, former addict turned rapper YellowBunny, is an up-and-coming artist in the Vancouver hip hop scene. She has the goal to break the stigma surrounding addiction and make a difference in her community. With her vulnerability and promise of genuineness, she aims to use her platform to help those who struggle as she did. Coming from a broken household, YellowBunny was quickly taken into the care of Secwepemc Family Services. Having been forced to grow-up quickly in order to battle the adversity of systemic struggle, this caused her to fall deep into arms of addiction. It was then, that the passing of her foster sister became the catalyst for her to pursue her passion of music. With the accumulation of over 25,000 fans across various social media platforms, and a combined 1,500,000 single and collaborative media streams, YellowBunny showcases a unique voice, cadence and skill like no other. Mixing melodic and conscious rap with influences from pop and alternative rock, YellowBunny is a revolving door of adversity and adaptability who is a force to be reckoned with by all who cross her path.
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